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Bachelorette + Bachelor Party Ideas in Denver


As the best man or maid of honor, it’s your job to plan the bachelor or bachelorette party! But you don’t want this to be the same as every other bach weekend. Why not try something new that will be an unforgettable experience? Everyone will have a great time, and it won’t be the typical pub crawl—although you can throw that in there too! I’ve put together a few bachelorette & bachelor party ideas in Denver that will really surprise the bride or groom in the best way! (Plus, I threw in a few destination ideas in case you want to venture out.)

Bachelorette + Bachelor Party Ideas in Denver

Shred the Gnar

Rent a cabin in the mountains (check out my favorite options on VRBO and Airbnb), and then hit the slopes for an adrenaline rush each morning. Or, go on a scenic snow-mobile adventure.

For the ladies, brides can wear a tiny veil and sash. It’s festive and you can easily find her on the mountain.

In the evenings, be sure to reserve a table at a local restaurant for dinner, drinks, and entertainment. Then head back to the cabin for a soak in the hot tub. Your sore legs and feet will thank you before another day on the slopes!

If you aren’t a local, you can find some of the best places to ski in Colorado here.

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Living Large at the Lake

Want to get away from it all and catch up with friends? Book a trip to the lake! Rent a boat and a lake house right on the water. Spend the day tubing, waterskiing, jet skiing, or just soaking up the sun on the boat. Break out the paddleboard or kayak for extra adventure.

Grab your fishing poles and ask the locals for the best fishing areas. Then, enjoy a nice dinner in town. Don’t feel like getting out? Stop by the local grocery store on the way in, and whip up your own grilled specialty.

Check out theses scenic lakes near Denver when booking your trip!

bachelor fishing trip; bachelor party ideas in Denver

Soak it All In

For a relaxing getaway, take a leisurely hike followed by a soak in one of Colorado’s therapeutic hot springs? Pagosa Springs offers a resort and numerous outdoor activities with gorgeous mountain views. You’ll have endless photo ops with the authentic colorful Colorado backdrop.

Surprise the group and book a hot air balloon ride in Pagosa Springs. You may not be able to get the whole crew together often, and these memories will last a lifetime!

Pagosa Springs Resort and Spa; Colorado hot springs; bachelorette party ideas

Wine Not?

Wine not spend your bachelorette party visiting a few of Colorado’s wineries and vineyards? With so many to choose from, you will have plenty to sip and see. There’s nothing more relaxing than sipping a glass of wine while gazing out at the spectacular mountain views? This is a great option for friends who want to catch up after a long time apart. Most mountain towns in Colorado have fun downtown areas for shopping, coffee, entertainment, and more.

View some of the highest-rated wineries and vineyards Colorado has to offer here.

I know plenty of guys who enjoy a good Cab, but if wine isn’t your thing, you know Colorado is filled to the brim with local breweries to discover for a more sophisticated take on bar hopping. And to be honest, they’re all pretty good–you can’t go wrong with a solid pale ale or IPA!

bachelorette & bachelor party ideas in Denver; Colorado wineries; wine trip

Fun in the Sun

Hop on a flight to sunny Florida or California, or book an exotic international trip for beautiful ocean views! Spend a few days relaxing on the beach and soaking up that vitamin D (with sunscreen!). Then, grab your scuba gear and go on a diving excursion. Or, book surfing lessons and learn to master the waves (or at least achieve fewer wipe outs). For fun, enter a sandcastle building competition with your crew–it’s more fun than you think.

They say you can’t please everyone, but with a beautiful beach trip, you just might! Ladies could consider matching swimsuits for the weekend—a white swimsuit for the bride and black swimsuits for the bridesmaids and friends. Don’t forget to pack plenty of sunscreen (and maybe some aloe vera and Advil too)!

bachelorette party ideas; destination bachelor party; girls trip; beach vacation; weekend getaway

Bach on a Budget

Looking for more budget-friendly options? Book a weekend staycation right in your hometown. Find a friend with a large home or book a house on Airbnb. Then plan some fun activities for the group such as axe throwing, an escape room, trivia night, ice skating, mini golf, or a wine and paint night. The possibilities are endless! After an evening of fun local activities, head back to the Airbnb for card games, snacks, and a dip in the pool. Here are a few more bachelorette & bachelor party ideas in Denver, Colorado.

mountain homes in Colorado; VRBO; Airbnb; staycation

Cruise with your Crew

Cruises aren’t just for honeymooners. They are perfect for bachelor and bachelorette parties as well, especially since most are all-inclusive! Many cruises begin and end in Texas and Florida (or Seattle or Vancouver for Alaskan cruises—which are amazing too!). Simply pack, hop on the boat, and set sail!

On-board activities include: evening shows, game nights, poolside drinks, yoga and fitness classes, spa services, and much more! And when your ship docks at each port, be sure to book some fun excursions to experience the local culture and adventures. After a day in town, get dressed up for formal dinner with your crew.

There are plenty of great bachelorette & bachelor party ideas in Denver and the surrounding areas. Just be sure to choose things that the bride and/or groom would enjoy, and have fun celebrating!

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