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7 Adventurous Ideas for Engagement Photos | Colorado Springs Photographer


Your engagement session should feel more like a date than a wedding planning task to check off your list. If these are your first professional photos together, you want them to be both beautiful and true reflections of you as a couple. You should be able to feel the energy and connection between you. Your session experience is key in getting evocative images you’ll love forever. Your engagement is a momentous occasion, worthy of much more than “stand there and smile” poses. So, let’s shake things up so you can get those priceless portraits you can’t wait to share—but also so you have fun while doing it! As a Colorado Springs photographer, I’ve got a few adventurous engagement photo ideas in mind for your Colorado engagement session.

Here are a few ideas to spice up your engagement session—less stress, better pictures, more fun!

7 Ideas for Engagement Photos | Colorado Springs Photographer

1. Explore hiking trails with a backdrop.

This is Colorado. We have endless trails to explore. I especially love shooting engagement sessions in the meadows during spring when the wildflowers are in full bloom. But there are also many trails winding along the rocky streams and alpine ponds. Or, we can find an area with a scenic overlook. Let me know if you need some scenic recommendations for your engagement session.

2. Try a new activity together.

As a Colorado Springs photographer, I’m all for new adventures! When you’re focused on an activity, you’re less aware of the camera and get great in-the-moment candids. Bring out the paddleboard, grab a kayak, try slacklining or rock climbing. In the winter, we could grab some snowshoes or skis. Although they don’t qualify as “new,” picnicking and fishing are very photogenic activities as well for engagement photos. 

3. Bring along your pup(s).

Four-legged friends have a way of easing any nerves and keeping awkwardness at bay. Dogs have a knack for giving kisses at just the right moment and romping around in the most photogenic way. Plus, your pup is a part of your story and deserves to be in a few family shots.

*Let me know ahead of time if you plan on bringing your dog so we can pick a pup-friendly location. If you don’t want to do the entire session with your dog, consider asking a friend to come along and give your pup a break while you finish the shoot.

4. Visit your favorite park, eatery, or shop.

So much magic happens in everyday moments. Infuse some nostalgia into your photos. We can stroll through your favorite park or pause for a bit at the local coffee shop. These photos will capture so many fond memories from locations where your story began. Ten or twenty years from now, you’ll be so glad you chose a meaningful location.

5. Tour a brewery or winery.

Love a good IPA or cabernet? Colorado has plenty of craft beer “brewpubs” and wineries to try out. Local breweries and wineries often have pretty views and fun ambiances we can take advantage of for your engagement session. Check out this Colorado Brewery List and Wineries in Colorado for suggestions. If you want to change locations during your session, be sure to choose an option that’s close to your other location(s). 

6. Visit the Arts District

Denver has an incredible Art District on Santa Fe if you want an artistic, urban vibe. There’s also a creative district in Downtown Colorado Springs; or we can explore the smaller, eclectic Manitou Springs Creative District (which is near Ute Pass, Pikes Peak, the Manitou Incline, and Garden of the Gods).

7. Stay home & capture real life.

Finally, there’s the option to stay home and do an laid-back lifestyle engagement session. It’s a fun way to capture your first apartment or home, and it’s a cozy place to relax and enjoy each other’s company. We can take pictures outside, or you can cozy up on the couch with coffee—whatever suits your style best. 

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