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4 Reasons to Book the Same Photographer for Engagement, Bridal, & Wedding Photos


You want a streamlined process and cohesive look for wedding day, but what about your photos? Hiring the right photographer for your style, personality, and budget is essential to having your big day photographed as flawlessly as you remember it, capturing every stunning detail and priceless moment for you to relive for years to come. Booking the same photographer for engagement, bridal, and wedding portraits will help ensure that happens.

Some couples attempt to piece together their photos throughout the engagement process. They might use a family friend for proposal and engagement photos and another person for bridals before landing on their official wedding photographer later. However, that creates a lot of extra communication and planning on your part. Plus, even if all three photographers are fantastic, they each have their own artistic eye and style, so your photos may reflect different aesthetics.

If possible, I recommend finding your photographer from the beginning of your engagement. A wedding photographer is not just a wedding day photographer—I’m here to cohesively document your entire love story from proposal to newlywed sendoff. 

Here are a few more reasons to book the same photographer for engagement photos, bridal portraits, and wedding photos:

4 Reasons to Book the Same Photographer for Engagement, Bridal, & Wedding Photos

1. Better Dynamics & Communication

As you plan and work together, you’ll get to know each other throughout the process. You’ll feel more relaxed and comfortable with your photographer (and you’ll probably feel more at ease in front of the camera). When you’re comfortable and having fun, you’ll take better photos together. Plus, your photographer will get to know your preferences, so you can be sure that you’ll love your wedding photos when the time comes. Your relationship with your photographer factors in considerably for getting exceptional photos. 

2. Cohesive Style & Quality

Your photographs should vividly portray a continual story from “Yes!” to “I do!” It’ll be easier to match your photos for collages, wall displays, and albums when they all have the same “look.” If you use different photographers for each shoot, you may end up with several different photography styles from each session.

3. Save Money with Photography Packages

As an added bonus, you’ll probably save money if you book the same photographer. Often, photographers will provide pricing and packages up front based on the sessions you need. However, if you have one photographer for engagement photos, another for bridals, and another for wedding, you’ll probably pay a higher price for each individual session. Get an all-inclusive deal when hiring one photographer.

4. Streamlined Process & Organization

Finally, the ease of planning, getting your images, and ordering prints or products makes hiring the same photographer a no brainer! With one photographer for it all, you’ll have all of your images in an online gallery you can access with your private personalized link. I can add your new photos to the gallery with each session we do together. From there, you can easily select your favorites and download high-resolution images. You can also order prints, wall art, and other photo products directly from the gallery.

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