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After tying the knot and settling into your post-honeymoon routine, there’s nothing more exciting than receiving your wedding photos and reminiscing on one of the best days of your lives. As you scroll through your digital wedding gallery, all the memories come flooding back.

One of my biggest recommendations for couples is to download, save, and backup your images as soon as possible so you never lose them. Your online gallery will expire, so it’s important to save your images to multiple storage locations. As convenient as digital photography might be, it’s also at risk for technology failure. Hard drives can be damaged and digital or online storage options can unexpectedly glitch or fail. I recommend saving your images to two online / cloud / or software locations, and backing them up on a hard drive as well.

Now that your images are protected, don’t forget to enjoy them! We’ve all been there – life gets busy and even our favorite images get stuck in digital prison for years. Make it a priority to print those images and turn them into works of art while its fresh on your mind. As you view your wedding photos for the first time, use that as an opportunity to print them in just a few clicks. You can even order prints directly from your online gallery.

*Note: there are many printing options out there. If you don’t order through the Pic Time gallery, I recommend using a professional, high-quality printing lab / company to preserve the color, size, and resolution of your images. Going with a cheaper option (like drugstore) prints could leave you with off-color, cropped, or skewed photos. I’m happy to offer recommendations as well. 

5 Ways to Display Your Engagement and Wedding Photos

There are many creative ways to enjoy and display your engagement and wedding photos. Here are the most common display options:

Photo Albums

Even if you haven’t decided how you’d like to display your images, it’s a good idea go ahead and make 3 X 5 or 4 X 6 prints of all your images. That way, you have hard copies of all of your photos. 

Creating photo albums is a great way to tell the whole story of your wedding day. There’s just something extra special about picking up an album and physically turning the pages. That sense of nostalgia isn’t quite the same scrolling through a phone. 

Plus, photo albums make a great coffee table addition so you or guests can flip through the photos whenever you want.

Memoir Boxes

Use an heirloom box – wood or glass face – to store and display treasured wedding day memoirs. You can store items like a garter, veil, hairpiece, photos, cuff links, bow tie, or anything else you want to preserve and pass down in your box.

Gallery Wall

Have a large blank space to fill in your home? Design a gallery wall. You can order through Pic Time or elsewhere. If you don’t want to hassle with sizing, measurements, and alignment, there are several options for ordering custom-made gallery walls with easy-hang instructions (no nails or measuring tape needed). These allow you to build a professional gallery wall in minutes! You can personalize your design by adding frames to your gallery wall.

*If you’re looking for easy-hang frames for gallery wall, I recommend checking out Mix Tiles.

Statement Piece / Wall Art

If there’s an image that caught your eye and captured your heart right off the bat, blow it up big as a statement piece. You can use it to create a focal point in any room. Go chic and modern with a frameless canvas, or create a luxe look with a matted frame – whatever suits your style. Add a spotlight for a dramatic effect that will elevate your room even more.

Frames / Gifts

Love to change things up? Framed images may be a good option for you. You can mix, match, and swap out your images whenever you want. Frames allow you to move them around your home and keep them protected at the same time.

And finally, your wedding photos make fantastic gifts for anniversaries, birthdays, family members, and more. You can get your photos printed on just about anything – totes, mugs, phone cases, calendars, planners, keychains, and more! These little keepsakes serve as sweet reminders as you go about your daily routine.

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