2022 Wedding Trends for Your Luxury Colorado Wedding 


Trends come and go, and many of the couples I photograph aren’t necessarily looking for the newest craze our outlandish styles you may find when searching for 2022 wedding trends. More likely, you’re looking for a few fresh, modern ideas you can incorporate into your wedding this year. I’ve got you covered—no wild stunts here. Instead, I’m offering some elegant wedding ideas to spark inspiration and help you personalize your Colorado wedding experience.

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Colorado weddings; John Moler Photography
Colorado Wedding; John Moler Photography

Flowy Florals

Natural and minimalistic is in this year! 2022 is all about understated elegance. The best way to do that with florals is through extra greenery and loose, hand-tied arrangements. If you want to get creative and soften the overall look of your ceremony or reception venue, consider:

  • hanging arrangements
  • single-stem accents
  • hand-tied bouquets
  • greenery
  • white, pastel, or earth-toned florals
  • pops of blues, purples, yellows, or orange for spring and summer weddings
Spring, Summer Colorado wedding; wedding floral design
Spring, Summer Colorado wedding; wedding floral design
Spring, Summer Colorado wedding; wedding floral design
Colorado wedding photographer; John Moler Photography
Colorado wedding venue; luxury weddings; John Moler Photography
wedding floral design; 2022 wedding trends

Sustainable (and air purifying!) Arrangements

Cut florals are expensive and can only last a short while. Although you’ll probably need to use some of them, you can complement some of the cut arrangements with longer-lasting potted or live plants you and your guests can take home. 

Examples of live plant décor might include:

  • live herb or succulent wedding favors
  • a variety of potted plants for ceremony
  • potted plants for reception backdrop
  • live centerpieces and arrangements
  • aisles lined with potted plants

Potted plants that work well for weddings include:

  • ferns
  • lilies
  • ivy
  • small fig trees
  • small lemon trees
  • orchids
  • palms

Wedding Installations

Take the design up a notch with creative installations that will transform your venue or outdoor space.

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Wedding installation ideas include:

  • hanging greenery 
  • bougainvillea or florals
  • dried arrangements
  • chandeliers and light installations
  • mismatched lighting or fixtures
  • lighted, colorful, or sheer drapery
  • lamps, shades, and lanterns
  • “wild” vines
  • neon signs and ivy wall
  • glass orbs
  • hanging origami designs and lanterns
  • flower wall
wedding installations; wedding chandelier; hanging greenery; floral installation; Colorado wedding John Moler Photography

Garden Weddings

Some are calling them “inside-out” weddings. In order to keep everyone safe (and simply to enjoy the natural beauty and fresh air) couples are bringing luxury indoor weddings to garden spaces. Gardens are perfect for upscale outdoor weddings because they provide an organized, manicured space with natural elements. Seasonal blooms offer built-in décor and romantic backdrops for your big day. They feel sophisticated yet a bit more laid back than formal ballroom receptions.

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Warm & Romantic Ambiance

Maybe due in part to the pandemic, we’re all striving to restore a sense of connection and closeness. Heirlooms and things of sentimental value are becoming increasingly popular for weddings. In addition, it brings with it all the warmth and comfort of home while adding personality and character to your luxury wedding. I especially love the depth they provide for photographs.

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Think: family-style banquet with delicious spreads featured along the tables. Additionally, beautiful tablescapes make your guests want to sit and stay a while. This look is still very classic and sophisticated minus the pretentious air. It’s elegant, yet authentic. 

  • Bring in vintage or heirloom furniture
  • Velvet or wood dining chairs
  • Rugs, pillows, throws, and end tables
  • Fireplace or outdoor firepit 
2022 wedding trends
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Candles, Vases, & Chandeliers 

Don’t get me wrong, string lights are pretty. But elevate the look and bring in more romantic light with sparkling chandeliers and the warm glow of candle light. Then, use taper candles complement the luxury look and add a bit of height to the tablescape without obstructing your guests’ view. Paired with flowing greenery, the result is magazine-worthy.

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Water Features

To complement the warm, nostalgic feeling and garden party vibes, water features fit right in. For instance, the trickling water adds to the overall experience by appealing to our senses. Fountains, coy ponds, floating candles, trickling water wall, a natural creek or river, or even a poolside cocktail reception can bring an added element of luxury to your wedding day.

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Vintage Metallic Elements

Bronze, brass, gold, pewter, and patina finishes polish off (pardon the pun) that vintage luxury look. However, the key is to add vintage accents in just the right places. You don’t want to go overboard and recreate your great-aunt’s wedding. Your wedding design can still look both classic and fresh with a few vintage elements strategically paired throughout. 

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