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Engagement Photo Outfit Ideas | What to Wear for Your Engagement Session


One of you popped the question, the other said, “Yes!” and now you’re ready to begin the wedding planning process. More importantly, you’re ready to step out on one of life’s best adventures together. One of the best ways to celebrate and document this milestone moment in your life is with an engagement session. I promise to make it fun, adventurous, and easygoing. But first, I’ll give you a few engagement photo outfit ideas that will elevate your engagement portraits.

Engagement Photo Outfit Ideas | Photogenic Styles

1. Pop of Color

I’m partial to blue and green tones. (However, be aware of the location and backdrop. If you wear deep green, you may blend into the trees). Bold colors do work occasionally, but I suggest going a bit softer for engagement photos. You two are the main focus of the portraits. We want to highlight your connection, relationship, personality, and facial expressions. You may rock that bright coral piece, but it may end up detracting from what’s most important—YOU! Shades of blue, green, and pastels add a little extra something without taking center stage.

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2. Go Neutral

Colorado offers some of the most beautiful backdrops in the country. Pair the scenery with your great smiles, and you really don’t need much more. Neutral colors are perfect because they create a timeless, classic look for photos that you’ll enjoy forever. Neutrals work well with just about any landscape or backdrop. Plus, you won’t have to work around outfit colors when using your engagement photos for save the dates, wedding décor, wall art for your home, and albums. 

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These classic photos will look great wherever you display them. Engagement photos may be your first professional portraits together, and they aren’t just for save the dates. These photos mark the beginning of your journey and commitment to one another. So, like your photos, opt for outfits that will stand the test of time.

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3. Subtle Print or Pattern

All that to say, if you feel that neutral colors just aren’t you, and you need a bit more, go for it! But, go easy on patterns and prints. This subtle floral print looks fantastic in their photos. He complemented her dress by wearing a solid green shade reflected in her dress. Given the light green meadow backdrop, this was a perfect choice. I would probably avoid more than one pattern.

engagement photo outfit ideas
engagement photo outfit ideas
engagement photo outfit ideas

4. Flowy Materials

I know, I’m a guy, and I don’t know much about blouses and dresses… But I do know that flowy materials work very well in photos. Sheer overlays also work great for allowing movement and extra light to pass through. The variety of textures adds a fun element to the images as well. With a bit of input from my other half, Baltic BornGap, and Lulus have great options for ladies. (GapJCrewTaylor Stitch, and Huckberry have plenty to choose from for a classic look for men.)

engagement photo outfit ideas
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save the date ideas

5. Complementary Outfits

Be careful not to get too “matchy.” If you both have similar colors on top and bottom, you may end up blending together a bit. Opt for complementary outfits. Coordinate colors and strive for a balance to pull the look together without matching per se. 

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engagement photo outfit ideas

6. Play with Texture

Your outfits don’t need to be plain or boring by any means. Even with solids and neutrals, I encourage you to play with texture and accessories. Multi-textured fabrics and pieces add another dynamic to your photos. A scarf, hat, blanket, or a piece of chunky jewelry can help you play up your look as well. Plus, you can easily remove these accessory items if they aren’t working or if you want to change up the style throughout the session. If you’re doing two outfits, I recommend one that is a bit more casual and fun and another chic or dressy look (if that’s what you’re wanting). That way, you have a variety of photos in your engagement collection.

engagement photo outfit ideas

Capture Authentic Engagement Photos with John Moler Photography

Feeling a little camera shy? No worries. I promise your engagement session won’t feel like a stuffy “point and shoot” photography session. I want you to just do your thing, and I’ll guide you just a bit when needed. Meanwhile, I hope you’ll share a bit of your story with me while we’re out there—I’d love to hear all about it and get to know you a little more. An engagement session is a great warm-up shoot leading up to your wedding day, so I can get to know your style, preferences, and personality. If you have more questions, don’t hesitate to reach out—connect with me here for more info.

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For more engagement photo outfit ideas, visit the John Moler Engagement Portfolio.

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