As a kid, I’d spend hours looking through my parents’ old photo albums. Everything captivated me, from the smiles frozen in time to the stories behind each captured moment, even the feel of those old plastic pages pulling apart. When I document memories I want you to cherish these memories and share them with your children, grandchildren, and so on.

I started my photography career in 2013. I’m originally from Rapid City, South Dakota, right near the Black Hills, but here in Colorado, we’re building a family with the newest addition, baby Franklin, along with our English bulldog Rock and our cat Bukowski. 

I can be called quiet or shy, but it’s mostly because I’m more interested in listening than talking. My wife, Monica, describes me as funny, loyal and trustworthy, but she’s obviously biased. 

That’s enough about me, what about you? Reach out and tell me what kind of wedding day you’re dreaming of.

Receptive, emotive, and story driven


He has a very easy-going personality and is great at communicating with you before, during, and after your session. He is so creative and knows exactly how to get the perfect picture.
Kassi A.